Icon Resin Infiltration

Our dentists and team are consistently learning about developments in dentistry that will benefit our patients the most. Our goal is to provide conservative, high-quality care that will make you feel comfortable and satisfied with your care. Icon resin infiltration is one of the treatment methods we use to accomplish that goal.

Icon resin infiltration eliminates the need for drilling and anesthesia during dental treatment. It is a minimally invasive treatment that helps us prevent cavities before they cause damage to your teeth. Early cavities may show up as white patches on the teeth or as small shadows on digital X-rays. If we spot a developing cavity, we use the Icon system to help stop the cavity in its tracks. We use a highly fluid resin in a handheld applicator, which penetrates the damaged enamel and blocks the decay from developing further. Damaged enamel is porous, and it absorbs the resin, which strengthens the tooth.

All of this is done without any drilling or numbing! This procedure helps to dramatically lower the chances of developing larger cavities over time and prevents tooth decay before it can cause problems that could deeply affect the health of your smile.

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